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Extermination Logistics is the way the Nazis went about
eliminating the Jews in Europe

What the Nazis did first was they registered the Jews and labeled them either heathy or not. If not you were mostly likely to die.

After the Jews were registered they would board trains that would send them to a work camp or a death camp. The conditions of the train was unbearable. The Nazis would cram as many people as they could into one box and there was no where to use the bathroom and no space to move around. Worse of all there was bearly any windows so no air got in.
After the men and the women were sepertated the Nazis decided who should live and who should die. Everyday people had the fear if they would live to see another day.

Once the Nazis realized the time and money they were wasting, they desided just to kill all of the Jews. Whether it be shot or gas chambers or incineration the Nazis just wanted to get rid of the Jews. This was known as the Final Solution

Living conditions at the camps were terrible. People didn't have food to eat. The Jews were so skinny that they were like skeletons with skin. It is so unbelievable