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These were the horrible and cruel people that were responsible for doing their duty in the concentration camps.
Amon Geoth was famously known for being held charge of many ghettos and was predicted to be held responsible for over ten thousand deaths! His two largest numbers came from Podgorze and Plaszow. Amon was charged with the murder of 2,000 Jews during the evacuation of the Podgorze ghetto, and 8,000 deaths during his time in Plaszow, Goeth was often on his white horse and he was known for his sudden lust for extreme violence and was never evasive of drinking. In the words of Poldek Pfefferberg, "when you saw Goeth, you saw death".

Amon Goeth is highly known for being the commandant of concentration camp Plaszow. Although unknown Amon joined the Allgemeine-SS between 1934 to1938 and took bribes that determined whether you went to a death or have a higher chance of surviving at a labor camp which Amon was later accused of in his trial.

After World War II ended this was one of the last photos taken of Amon Goeth smirking anon before his execution, the American military turned Amon Goeth over to the Polish government for prosecution as a war criminal. He had charges of liquidation of the ghettos and depriving the inmates of the last of their valuables. He was sentenced to death and hung in Krakow of September 13, 1946, age 37, not far from the former site of the Plaszow camp.

Dr. Mengele used Gypsy children, twins, dwarfs, and people with abnormalities. Some subjects were killed after the experiments and he analyzed their organs. He did surgery without anesthesia, injected his subjects with lethal germs, tried to do sex-change operations, and removed organs and limbs. He was nice to the Gypsy children that he experimented on. He gave them sweets and toys and talked nicely to them until he killed them.
Mengele had his own laboratory and his own medical staff, mostly prisoners who were doctors or nurses before they came. He had a prisoner named Dina Gottliebova draw pictures of body parts and paint pictures of the people he worked on. These are some of the portraits that she painted.

Mengele seemed to like the selection process, where the prisoners coming in to the camp would be sent either to the left to the gas chambers, or to the right, to work until they died. He came to the selection even when it wasn’t his turn to do the selecting.
Joseph Kramer was born in Germany in 1906. He joined the Schutzstaffel (SS) and in 1934 joined the concentration camp service.
Kramer served in the Natzweiler camp before being appointed as the commandant of Auschwitz and later Belsen. In 1945, numbers in the camp increased from 15,000 to nearly 50,000. When the camp was liberated by Allied forces at the end of the Second World War they found more than 13,000 corpses.
At the Nuremberg War Crimes Trial Kramer was accused of selling off camp food supplies during 1945. Joseph Kramer was found guilty and executed on October 1, 1946.
Adolf Eichmann was the leader of the Gestapo Department Iv B4 for the Jewish people.
Adolf Eichmann was responsible for keeping all the trains moving from Europe to the death camps.