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Nuremberg Laws

Nazi Anti- Jewish laws-
As soon as the Nazis came to power, in the 30's, they began executing as many Jews as they could. To do this, they created laws that prevented Jews from doing anything similar to the German people. They segregated the Jewish people by making them go to different schools, take different buses and trains, and forced them to wear the star of David on their shoulder. The Nazis did as much as they could to eliminate all the Jews living in Germany.

Jewish students being humiliated by German students. The board reads, " The jew is our biggest enemy, beware of the jew."

According to the Nuremberg Laws, Jews were not allowed to sit at the same bus stops ad Germans much like African Americans during the civil rights movement.
This symbol was used to separate all the Jewish people from the Germans. THe Jews were forced to wear these stars upon the start of the Nazi regime.