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The main device the Nazi's used to transport the Jews was closed cattle trucks, known to be called boxcars.They were transported on slow freight trains to the concentration camps. The first transporting device the Nazi's used to Auschwitz were rail cars. Also to the concentration camps, 50 box cars sat with over 1500 prisoners who were shipped by train without food from Buchenwald to Dachau. German officials deported Jews by train and when trains were not available, distances were short by truck or foot.The German authorities used rail systems across Europe to transport or deport Jews from their homes On the way to the camps many Jews died, especially the elderly and young children.
The boxcars were too overcrowded and with no heat and water, some people died in the winter from being to cold, and some poeple died in the summer from exhaustion and dehydration.

Here are Nazi's taking a pictue by the box cars that they stores Jews in to transport them to the concentration camps, they were very small so many Jews died from exhaustion in the summer, since there was so many people in one box car.
These are the Nazi's bording the Jews into the boxcars, on their way to the concentration camps.